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Our work at KRDB is intended to propose an alternative model with which to operate in the marketplace. Since 2001 we have existed as a develop/design/build firm with a focus on affordable modern design in a primarily urban in-fill context.


Maintaining the creative and financial control over the design and building process allows us deliver a quality end-result on budget. We have endeavored to assert ourselves in the marketplace by developing our own projects rather than rely solely on commission work.


Economy, efficiency and expediency drive us to seek out alternative construction methods. From specific material advances to modularity at a variety of scales, we look to find better and more efficient ways to build that conform to our aesthetic and economic criteria.


 From inception, the primary sustainability focus of our practice has been on the macro level using a high density urban infill model. In addition we make every attempt to create “green” buildings through judicious selection of materials and sensitive design, evidenced through our 2 LEED Platinum projects and 40+ AEGB 4/5 Star Homes.


18 Years of Develop/Design/Build.

KRDB was formed with the intention of making modern design accessible, both economically and intellectually, to the broadest cross-section of the population.

We believe in the transformative power of design in the built environment. Inspired space increases consciousness and heightens ones sensitivity to the surrounding world.

We endeavor to make architecture a daily experience for as many people as we can. In this pursuit, we design and build.


KRDB is a vertically integrated and entrepreneurial firm, acting as a developer, designer and builder.

Cities, such as our home base of Austin, are not only low density, but also homogenous as a result of historically exclusive zoning.  The infill model we are pursuing is a pocket approach, utilizing relatively small commercial/mixed use tracts (1/4 acre) that are fairly abundant.  They are also often located on the edges of residential neighborhoods, providing transitional opportunities. The 10,000-12,000sf projects are compatible in scale while providing commercial amenity for the adjacent communities. While this model is an effective bridging element for areas lacking variety of use, its scale is not necessarily attractive to typical developers. Therefore we are pursuing this strategy speculatively, developing, designing, building and selling with a team of like-minded entrepreneurs.

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